EMTA R&D was established in 2015 to carry out Research and Development activities.

EMTA R&D is aware that it must create goals that inspire it, be open to innovative ideas and changes, have an innovative business structure and corporate culture, conduct innovative experiments, and encourage and encourage our employees to be innovative and creative. And with this belief, our company aims to further strengthen and systematize existing innovation management studies and to adopt an innovative and proactive way of thinking in all our processes.

EMTA R&D believes that innovation is not only an economic mechanism or a technical process, but also that it should offer a solution to existing problems in society. Our company, which has made its R&D department available for use against external demands, also provides services for special projects.

EMTA R&D makes your job easier to manage your processes and

  • Industry 4.0,
  • Data Mining,
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Business Intelligence Applications,
  • Automation Systems,
  • Project Management,
  • Management Systems and
  • It offers fast solutions for Lean Manufacturing Applications.