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To ensure that all employees and suppliers work in a safe work environment;

To implement the Occupational Health and Safety Management System by meeting all the requirements of the standard conditions (objectives, risks, opportunities, etc.) and legal and other conditions, to continuously improve the system by systematically reviewing its effectiveness and performance,

To protect our employees from exposure to occupational diseases, accidents and hazards, by eliminating hazards in a safe and healthy working environment and by taking measures to reduce occupational health and safety risks,

To comply with legal regulations in parallel with the activities of our company,

To benefit from technological developments,

To ensure continuous development; To create “Safety Awareness”, which is the best protector, by providing and constantly repeating the necessary training on occupational health and safety to our employees and suppliers,

Ensuring and supporting the participation of employees and employee representatives in OHS committees

It has adopted as a policy to fulfill the requirements of the standard at the highest level.

Emta Elektrik Management accepts the principles of “Human First” and “Safety First” as indispensable and fundamental elements in all its activities.