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EMTA’s approaches to workforce management and skills development are in line with our understanding of the service quality we offer to our customers.

Every employee within EMTA has a share in the success of our companies as players in a team consisting of harmonious and mutually supportive individuals.

Our Human Resources Policy aims to meet the workforce needed in line with our business goals and strategies, and to create an environment where this power will be utilized in the most efficient way and its continuity will be ensured.

In this context, our basic principles are as follows;

To ensure that our company brings in people who are open to innovations and changes, have entrepreneurial talent, are energetic, aim to improve themselves and their business, and will embrace and live by company values,

To provide a safe, healthy work environment where ethical values ​​​​are maintained and the balance between work and private life is taken into account,

To develop Human Resources systems and practices in line with our vision, mission, goals and strategies and to ensure their effectiveness,

To provide continuous training and self-improvement opportunities to our employees,

To reward the contribution, success and performance of our employees,