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EMTA’s goal is to be Turkey’s leading company in its sector. In order to successfully implement the Quality Management System, which is one of the elements of achieving the goal of the leading company; The quality policy has been created under the following headings:

The goal of EMTA, a leading company in its sector in terms of technology and quality, adhering to the price and competitive environment in world markets, is to offer products and services that will provide the highest benefit to its customers and to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

To make significant contributions to the country’s economy.

Being aware of its responsibilities towards society and the environment, making sustainable development a way of life.

Aiming for “Error-Free Work” based on continuous improvement.

By reducing costs, increasing efficiency and long-term profitability, and securing the future of EMTA and its employees.

To work with suppliers in mutual cooperation and trust.

We ensure that our services comply with customer demands, national and international standards and legal

To ensure compliance with the legislation and to ensure its continuity.

It is to create an environment and development to ensure that employees, who are the building blocks of EMTA culture, are highly motivated, participatory, sharing, creative and constantly renewing team members by prioritizing occupational health and safety. In this context, EMTA’s aim is to adopt the Quality Management System as a way of life and fulfill its requirements in order to ensure quality awareness in all fields of activity and service units in a systematic and regular manner. Achieving business excellence with Total Quality Management

It is our duty as EMTA employees.