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As a producer organization in the international energy sector, we adopt sustainable growth strategies in order to be successful in the long term and to leave a better world to future generations. We are determined to fulfill this commitment with our approaches to social, environmental and economic issues described below.

Incorporating the corporate sustainability perspective into the company culture and raising the awareness of both our employees and stakeholders on this issue,

To respect universal human rights, to support these rights and to take responsibility to prevent their violations.

To comply with anti-bribery and corruption laws and regulations, ethical, professional principles and universal rules,

To measure and evaluate our activities and investments by adhering to our ethical rules and taking into account their impact on social, environmental, natural and cultural heritage,

Developing and implementing applications to save energy, water and all other resources we consume to continue our activities,

To accept that equal opportunity is one of the foundations of social sustainability and to ensure the equal and effective participation of women in business life,

To carry out our activities with the principle of not polluting rather than cleaning and to combat global climate change in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,

To support sustainable growth with a risk management culture throughout the organization by detecting corporate risks early and taking precautions,

To create competitive advantage and ensure sustainable profitability based on continuous improvement and development,

Communicating with all our stakeholders in a transparent, participatory and mutual trust-based manner